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More and more frequently, Medical Tourism attracts public and media attention. The reason lies in in the strong growth of the phenomenon recorded in recent years. The recent article “Health Tourists” published in one the first Italian newspapers “Il Corriere della Sera”, has highlighted the conclusions of the study by Sda Bocconi University. Medical Tourism incomings , in Italian market, in fact, increased by 10 – 30% and involves mainly Medical Tourists coming from:

  • Russia
  • Swiss
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Albania

The enlargement of the sector has also involved main Italian medical centers of excellence, making essential the inclusion of this subject on political agendas, to lead Italy to establish itself in European Market.

Intercare Medical Tourism Exhibition, will represent an opportunity to focus on sector for the first time in Italy, playing a key role in mediating between supply and demand and the comparison among main players of this growing business.

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