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According to the last surveys, there are more than 650 millions overweight individualsin the world.

In 1975 they were about 100 millions, with over a 600% increase in 40 years.

Many are the causes: from socio-cultural factors to methabolic syndrome, from emotional and psychological disorders to genetic factors. Even greater is the number of diseases that come with obesity, causing every year nearly 3 million deaths.

Even if obesity is increasing constantly, especially in western countries, awarness and culture of healthy lifestyle to prevent this desease are also increasing.

In those instances where a radical action is needed to safeguard the patient, bariatric surgery is used. Procedures as lap-band surgery, in many countries are provided for free by the National Health System, but only in case of severe obesity in which the health of the patient could be seriously compromised if surgery can’t be performed in a short time.

Still remains the majority of obese people, who are not currently at risk but, over the course of time, will face heavy health problems and suffer for a constant worsening of life quality.

In Eastern Europe, countries like Hungary and Czech Republic, offer a wide range of clinics specialized in bariatric surgery and obesity linked therapies. More affordable prices, cozy locations for aftercare and assistance from specialized nutritionist are part of their offer.

Focusing on Italy, instead, many still prefer the comfort of performing the whole process in their homeland rather than move abroad. Many come from Southern Italy and face costs of travel and stays for themselves and their families in order to undergo therapies excellence centres in Lombardy, Emilia and Veneto.

In this rising demand of Medical Tourism, are often preferred those clinics that handle all of the patient’s needs and not just the medical care.

More and more obese rely on Medical Tourism to start a new life, without being hindered from obesity, even in daily activities.

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