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These figures make this market an emerging economic trend, capable of generating value not only for hospitals, but also for the territories around them. According to research developed by the British Healthcare System, last year foreign patients coming to British clinics have generated over 40 million in medical expenses and over 200 million in accommodation, food, shopping and other expenses related to their stay. Some Nations – such as Croatia, Spain, Thailand, Mexico or Turkey – have already acknowledged the huge opportunities of Medical Tourism and their example starts to be followed by other countries such as Hungary, Belgium, and Czech Republic.
And what about Italy?
For the moment, medical tourism is mostly outgoing, with more than 350,000 patients who go abroad, mainly for dental care, beauty treatments, artificial insemination and anti-obesity interventions. Though our National Health System is considered by the WHO one of the best in the world, however, Italy still lacks a structured offer to attract patients from other nations.

Born Intercare
Intercare wants to be an International reference point for this kind of market, enabling the meeting between demand and supply, analysing industry trends and identifying growth strategies to create productive and competitive networks. Intercare caters to doctors and clinics, operators of the travel & hospitality scene and patients. The days of 25 and 26 May will be reserved to operators, while May 27 will be open to the public.
Within a context of excellence, the first edition of Intercare will bring together Italian foremost facilities in the field of health providing an useful opportunity as part of Italy’s positioning in the global landscape of the Medical Tourism industry. 40 selected businesses in the national and international scene – clinics and private hospitals, health insurance companies, device manufacturers and medical equipment, tour operators and travel agencies, hotel and spa facilities, the promotion of local organizations, associations, and private university research – will form the core of this totally innovative exhibition and strategic fair for the development of this sector.
During Intercare, 15 conferences, round tables and meetings, developed in collaboration with renowned researchers, professionals, organizations and associations will allow strengthening the skills and the network and creating new opportunities for the industry of medical tourism.
“Today, patients have the opportunity to learn about best practices in the medical field and choose, therefore, consciously where and from whom to seek treatment,” says Maurizio Cavezzali, CEO of Equipe International, a company specialized in organising fairs in emerging sectors. “Major advances in the technology of the health sector, combined with the increasing ease of moving from one place to another on the planet, facilitate all those who decide to move and focus on centres of excellence and specialized doctors. This is already the present and will be more and more the future, and we have decided to reunite and represent it with this fair in Milan, a city that is a candidate, therefore, to be the heart and the brain of this very important sector. ”
To have more info on Intercare download the brochure.

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